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Emerald Blanket Pattern

This pattern incorporates 5 different cable elements to create a super cozy, 50”x 60” blanket that is full of rich texture.

The blanket is knit flat on circular needles and uses a repetition of only 8 rows throughout and the border is composed of a simple (k1, p1) seed stitch.

Also, since there are so many different cable stitches, this blanket will need to be blocked at the end to ensure the blanket keeps its proper dimensions and the lines end up nice and straight. I have included a ‘blocking tutorial’ in this pattern with photos to show which areas need extra attention and more pinning than others.

Materials Needed
1785 yards of chunky weight yarn
US 10 (6.0mm) circular needles (cord needs to be 40’ or longer)
Cable needle
4 stitch markers
A lot of pins for blocking (I used about 200)
A large foam surface big enough to accomodate the 50”x 60” blanket for blocking

Gauge w/ US 10 needles
8 sts across and 10 rows make a 2.5”x 2.5” square in stockinette stitch
(More gauge options for other cable elements included in the pattern)

Skills Needed
knitting flat on circular needles
cable knitting
cast off in pattern (k1, p1)
wet blocking finished blanket

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